Industrial Heating Elements

Cartridge Insertion Heaters

Cartridge Heater

A cartridge heater is a tube-shaped, high watt density heating element that can be inserted into drilled holes on platens and molds

Band Heaters

Band Heater

Band heaters are easily clamped to cylindrical surfaces and constructed for high temperature and maximum durability

Strip Heaters

Strip Heater

Available in Mica and Mineral Insulated versions strip heaters clamp to flat surfaces and are available in many construction styles

Finned Strip Heater

Finned Strip Heater

Finned channel heaters are easily mounted in ducts and airflow paths effectively heat the flow of air

Chanel Strip Heaters

Channel Strip Heater

Capable of higher temperatures and long life these strip heaters deliver maximum heat when clamped to flat surfaces

Tubular Heating Elements

Tubular Heater

These high-temperature elements can be used for chambers requiring convective heating or placed in milled grooves for  conductive

circulation heaters.jpg

Circulation Heaters

These inline heaters are used to directly heat flowing liquids and gases in high or low pressurized states


Immersion Heaters

With high energy efficiency, these heaters can be used for direct immersion in liquids such as solvents and oils as well as gases