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Technical & White Papers

We have assembled some of what we think are good useful technical papers regarding the applications and industries we serve.  We always keep our eyes out for anything that should be kept on hand as a good resource.  If you have any suggestions for technical or "white" papers Contact Us .


A Quick Guide
UL 489 or UL 1077

How to know when to use a branch or supplementary circuit breakers

Posted by C3 Controls 

August 1, 2018

trip curve.jpg

Circuit Breaker
Trip Curves

The concept of magnetic circuit protection trip curves and how to  understand them

Posted by C3 Controls

June 21, 2018


Understanding Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)

Why SCCR is so important when designing and constructing control panels

Posted by C3 Controls

May 10, 2018

color codes.png

NEC Wire
Color Codes

Georgia Thermal Products interpretation of the NFPA 79 Wire color codes for industrial machinery

Posted by Georgia Thermal Products

January 2019

tc wire.png


Color Codes

Global industry-standards  for thermocouple wire

and jacket color codes

Posted by Georgia Thermal Products

January 2019

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