Mineral Insulated RTD's

Accurate, Repeatable and Interchangeable Over a Wide Operating Range

Our same high-quality resistance temperature detectors (RTD) sensors are also constructed in our robust (MI) style construction.  Built to meet the most demanding industrial applications these sensors offer fast repeatable response in difficult applications

Mineral Insulated RTD with leads

Rigid RTD

with Leads

The rigid mineral insulated sheath provides protection and accurate placement through bulkheads or platens. Miniature and standard plugs mounted on the sheath.  Use with a compression fitting for immersion application.

Mineral Insulated RTD with Connectin Head

Rigid RTD

with Connection Head

Connection thermocouple heads are designed to provide access to wiring between the sensor and the instrument and provide protection from the elements.  Typically mounted on the sheath using NPT style bulkhead fittings