Cold-Wall Vacuum Ovens


The GTH is a cold wall type oven comprised of two chambers.  The first is a water-cooled pressure vessel of which the vacuum is held, and the second chamber is used to affix the heater array to thus creating the work zone.  Heater types come in two different styles each with their own unique characteristics they include the flat quartz glass panels style or the NIR shortwave tubes, each with its own unique characteristics.  Heater arrays are typically available in two or four-wall construction depending on the process.


Applications typically include annealing, heat treating, and thermal shock testing.  The Model GTH features full atmospheric control and is typically operated in the medium or high vacuum ranges.   


Full system integration can be provided which includes but is not limited to, roughing & high vacuum pumping systems, and water or oil cooling systems.  Programmable features include inert gas sweeping, sweep to atmosphere and vacuum level ramping using throttle control.,  

standard features

  • Continuous Operating Temperature. standard 1202°F (650°C)

  • Vacuum Range Capability. 760 Torr to 1-mTorr; optional < 5x10-8 Torr range

  • Temperature Uniformity.  1% of Set-Point

  • Process Control.  ramp & soak programmable temperature and vacuum

  • Wide Range Vacuum Gauge. Pirani Inverted Magnetron gauging

  • Over-Temperature Control.  FM approved limit control with digital display

  • Interior. reinforced heavy wall stainless steel plate

  • Exterior.  powder coated heavy gauge mild steel exterior with stainless optional

  • Vessel Door.  insulated with O-ring seal and lateral adjusting needle bearing hinges

  • Access Port.  1.50-in port located on the back of vessel; NW40 flanged

  • Fixture Platform.  Can be used to mount product fixtures or an optional shelf stand

  • Operating Voltages.  208/240 1 or 3 phase 

  • Warranty.  2-year Limited Warranty

Cold-Wall Vacuum Oven
Vacuum Oven Cold Wall

available models & sizes

  • Model 1GTH    1-cubic foot work area; 12.00-in Width x 12.00-in Height x 12.00-in Deep

  • Model 3GTH    3.37-cubic foot work area; 18.00-in Width x 18.00-in Height x 18.00-in Deep

  • Model 8GTH  8-cubic foot work area; 24.00-in Width x 24.00-in Height x 24.00-in Deep