Pirani Vacuum Gauge

10-5 Torr to Atmosphere Pressure/Vacuum Gauges with MEMS-based Micro Pirani™ by MKS

925 Micro Pirani™

 vacuum gauge can be used in many different vacuum monitoring and control applications, such as semiconductor, analytical, and industrial coating (solar) and freeze-drying:

features and benefits

  • General vacuum pressure measurement

  • Foreline and roughing pressure measurement

  • Gas backfilling measurement and control

  • Mass spectrometer control

  • Activation of UHV gauges

  • System process control (interlocks, valves, pumps)

  • Control system pressure

MKS 925 Pirani Vacuum Gauge
MKS 925 Pirani Vacuum Gauge
MKS 901P Load lock Vacuum Transducer

901P Micro Pirani™

Designed specifically for load lock environments, the 901 Plus (901P) Loadlock Transducer (LLT) combines Piezo and Micro Pirani™ vacuum sensor technology. The combined output provides significantly higher accuracy, stability, repeatability and a faster response time than conventional thermal conductivity gauges.

features and benefits

  • Absolute pressure measurement from 1,000 to 10-5 Torr

  • 3-sensor functionality in a single transducer for a wide measurement range

  • Analog, RS232, RS485, & EtherCAT® versions

  • Optional integrated touch-screen display available for local pressure indication

  • Fast, accurate and repeatable pressure measurements reduces process cycle time

  • Three optional set points with fast response time for reliable process control

Micro Pirani™ is a registered trademark of MKS Instruments