Vacuum Transducer

Rugged Industrial Transducers with a Wide Range of Operating Capabilities

IFM PX Series

This pressure transmitters with ceramic captive technology can reliably detect the system pressure in machines, plants and hydraulic power units of industrial and mobile applications. The compact housing ensures flexible integration even where space is limited. The robust units offer high shock and vibration resistance and ensure wear-free operation over millions of pressure cycles. The high repeatability and minimal conformity errors of the analog measured values ensure good long-term stability.

features and benefits

  • High total accuracy of 0.5 %

  • Variants with 4..20 mA or 0..10 V analog output

  • Excellent overload protection and long-term stability

  • Excellent price/performance ratio

  • High repeatability and low linearity error

  • With long-term stability thanks to high overload protection

  • Robust stainless steel housing for use in harsh industrial environments

  • Wide operating temperature range​

Ashcroft® A2X 

This pressure transmitter fulfills a wide spectrum of pressure sensing requirements when an explosion and flameproof hazardous location ratings are needed. An ideal product for demanding field applications.

features and benefits

  • The onboard microprocessor provides accurate, reliable and stable output data

  • Highly configurable; a wide selection of pressure ranges, pressure connections an electrical terminations

  • Output: select voltage or current versions

  • Explosion-proof and flame-proof approvals (cUL / ATEX)

  • Accuracy: ±0.25%, ±0.50% or ±1.00% span

  • IP65 housing; 304 stainless steel

  • Wetted material: all-welded 316L stainless steel