Vacuum Gauges

Pirani Vacuum Pressure Transducer

With accuracy and stability, the MKS MicroPirani™ gauges feature a wide measurement range from 1000 to 10-5 Torr.  Gauges can be used in a wide variety of inert applications including load-lock specialized gases.  Optional displays and setpoint capabilities are also available

Pirani Vacuum

Pressure Transducer

Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauge

Agilent's full range Pirani and Cold Cathode gauge reads from 3.80 x 10-9  Torr to atmosphere.  This compact unit features a single logarithmic analog output signal.  Available in several vacuum hardware connection types such as KF and Conflat

Pirani Inverted Magenatron

Vacuum Gauge

Explosion Proof Vacuum Transducer

Provides an accurate and stable linear output in inert and hazardous location applications.  Capacitive cell technology with a rugged stainless steel case.  The transducer reads from atmosphere to 760-Tor.







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