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The GTH is a hot wall tube furnace capable of low furnace temperatures and ultra-high vacuum levels.  Units are comprised of a rolled alloy tube typically stainless, surrounded by either quartz or a ceramic fiber tube furnace.  


Applications typically include annealing, heat treating, and thermal shock testing.  The Model GTH features full atmospheric control and is typically operated in the medium or high vacuum ranges.   


Full system integration can be provided which includes but is not limited to, roughing & high vacuum pumping systems, atmospheric sweeping, gas blending backfill, and fluid cooling systems.  


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standard features

  • Continuous Operating Temperature. standard 1202°F (650°C); optional 1472°F (800°C)

  • Vacuum Range Capability. 760 Torr to 1-mTorr; optional < 5e-8 Torr range

  • Temperature Uniformity.  2% of Set-Point

  • Process Control.  ramp & soak programmable temperature and vacuum capability

  • Over-Temperature Control.  FM approved integrated limit control 

  • Vessel Construction. heavy wall stainless steel rolled plate with; optional nickel alloy 

  • Exterior.  powder coated heavy gauge mild steel exterior with stainless optional

  • Vessel Door.  insulated with O-ring seal and lateral adjusting needle bearing hinges

  • Vessel Access Ports.  NW flanged ports for vacuum, inert gas, and data sensors

  • Operating Voltages.  120V, 208/240-1 or 3 phase, 380/415/480-1 or 3 phase

  • Warranty.  1-year Limited 

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