Explosion Proof Vacuum Tray Dryer


Commonly known as a tray dryer, this model is popular among customers who require drying volatile slurries or evaporate solvent based condensable(s) from solids.  Our individually controlled heated platens offer accelerated drying times, high uniformity and pin-point accuracy.  Distillation systems can be fully integrated and automated into your system. Oil, steam, and water heated configurations offer increased process safety and remove all electrical potential from the process chamber.  Instrumentation and terminations are either intrinsically safe, purged or sealed in a code compliant apparatus.  


Full system integration can be provided which includes but is not limited to, roughing pump systems, automated distillation trapping,  self-contained water or oil heat cool systems and steam generator systems.  Programmable features include inert gas sweeping, sweep to atmosphere and vacuum level ramping using throttle control.

standard features

  • Continuous Operating Temperature. standard 482°F (250°C)

  • Vacuum Range Capability. 760 Torr to 1-mTorr

  • Temperature Uniformity.  1% of Set-Point

  • Process Control.  ramp & soak programmable temperature and vacuum

  • Data Logging.  CFR Part 11 Compliant

  • Hazardous Location Control.  equipped with either an X or YZ purge panel system 

  • Intrinsically Safe Sensors.  field sensors all connect through barrier electronics

  • Over-Temperature Control.  FM approved limit control with digital display

  • Heated Platens.  (3) electrically heated platens; optional stainless and water cooling

  • Interior. reinforced heavy wall stainless steel plate

  • Exterior.  powder coated heavy gauge mild steel exterior with stainless optional

  • Vessel Door.  insulated with O-ring seal and lateral adjusting needle bearing hinges

  • Access Port.  (3) 1.00-in port located on the back of vessel; NW25 flanged

  • Operating Voltages.  208/240 1 or 3 phase, 380/415/480 1 or 3 phase

  • Warranty.  2-year Limited Warranty

available interior sizes

  • Model 4GXC    Platen size 17.50-in Width x 17.50-in Deep; maximum 4 shelves

  • Model 10GXC  Platen Size 23.50-in Width x 23.50-in Deep; maximum 6 platens

  • Model 27GXC  Platen Size 35.50-in Width x 32.50-in Deep; maximum 9 platens

Explosion Proof Tray Dryer
Hazardous Location Tray Dryer
  • Shatter Production.  Used for the extraction of propane in shatter production in the cannabis industry. Our construction is fully compliant  for processing Group D and IIA gases per the NEC/ CEC / ATEx / IECEx

  • Pharmaceutical Slurry Drying.  Our tray drying systems have been used for the extraction of solvent from pharmaceutical wet-cake and slurries.  All systems have featured anti-condensation heating on the vessel walls and solvent condensor recovery systems.