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Standard Hot-Wall Vacuum Oven


One of the most reliable and versatile vacuum oven systems on the market today.  The Model GTS heating system is mounted to the exterior of the vacuum vessel, which heats the walls, the energy absorbed by the walls is then reradiated into the product inside the vessel.  There are several advantages of hot wall heating such as:

  • anti-condensation

  • cleanability

  • no internal electricity required inside the vessel for heating

  • uniformly heats complex parts and shapes

Full system integration can be provided which includes but is not limited to, roughing & high vacuum pumping systems, automated distillation trapping, and self-contained water or oil heat-cool systems.  Programmable features include inert gas sweeping and vacuum level ramping using throttled valve control.  

standard features

  • Continuous Operating Temperature. standard 500°F (260°C); optional 600°F (315°C)

  • Vacuum Range Capability. 760 Torr to 1-mTorr; optional < 5e-8 Torr range

  • Temperature Uniformity.  2% of Set-Point

  • Process Control.  ramp & soak programmable temperature and vacuum capability

  • Over-Temperature Control.  FM approved integrated limit control 

  • Vessel Construction. reinforced heavy wall stainless steel plate with other alloys optional

  • Exterior.  powder coated heavy gauge mild steel exterior with stainless optional

  • Vessel Door.  insulated with O-ring seal and lateral adjusting needle bearing hinges

  • Vessel Access Ports.  NW flanged ports for vacuum, inert gas, and data sensors

  • Operating Voltages.  120V, 208/240-1 or 3 phase, 380/415/480-1 or 3 phase

  • Warranty.  1-year Limited 

available models & sizes (click to configure for price)

  • Model 2GTS    2-cuft (56-liter); interior 12.5 x 12.5 x 20-in deep (317 x 317 x 508-mm)

  • Model 4GTS    4.5-cuft (127-liter); interior 18 x 18 x 24-in deep (457x 457 x 609-mm)

  • Model 8GTS    8-cuft; (226.5-liter); interior 24 x 24 x 24-in deep (609 x 609 x 609-mm)

  • Model 27GTS  27-cuft; (764.5-liter); interior 36 x 36 x 36-in deep (914 x 914 x 914-mm)

  • Model 64GTS  64-cuft; (1812-liter); interior 48 x 48 x 48-in deep (1219 x 1219 x 1219-mm)

  • Customized      Don't let the above stop you, GTP can construct vessels up to 360-cuft

optional equipment
  • Vacuum Pumping.  Turbo Molecular, Screw, Scroll, and Piston vacuum pumps fully integrated 

  • Data Logging.  Compliant multi-point trend graphs and data logging

  • Atmospheric Control.  Electronically controlled sweeping capabilities to the atmosphere or vacuum pump 

  • Condensing & Recovery.  Condenser, accumulator, and collector set-ups for heavy processing requirements

typical applications
  • Electronics.  Used for removing moisture on circuit boards post cleaning

  • Altitude & Space Simulation.    

  • Composite Curing.  Post-curing of composite materials in order to remove residual volatiles  


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